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Why XScomponents?

Save money

Purchase new components in the original packaging at a significantly lower cost

Save your project

Find hard-to-find, obsolete or discontinued electronic components

Save the Earth

Keep new, quality components in the market and out of the landfill

How does the Marketplace work?


XScomponents Verified Vendor posts new, unused components on the Marketplace for free.


Buyer purchases parts through the Marketplace and XScomponents holds funds.


Vendor ships components directly to the buyer.


Buyer approves parts within 5 days of shipment delivery.

Get paid!

Funds are released to the vendor after the buyer accepts components or 5 days after shipment delivery. XScomponents collects a small percentage of the purchase price as a selling fee only if your parts sell.

How do I become a vendor?

Sign up

Provide XScomponents with basic information about your business. Currently, only established U.S. and Canadian businesses are eligible to register as a vendor.

Get verified

XScomponents will verify your information and assign you a Verified Vendor account within 48 business hours.


Upload an unlimited number of new, unused components to the Marketplace for free. All listings will appear in Octopart search results.

Frequently Asked Questions​

XScomponents is a marketplace that connects buyers to established companies with extra electronic components.

The electronics industry is fast paced and components can be in high demand. Speculative buying, incorrect forecasting and design changes can all lead to excess parts. 

XScomponents was started by several experienced industry players who saw a need for a simple, easy-to-use platform that connects buyers and sellers of overstock components in a single marketplace.

XScomponents is not a middleman. We simply facilitate a transaction using our easy-to-use marketplace. We do not have a warehouse. We help promote the inventory available through vendors by other means, including populating common electronic component search engines and directly connecting large-scale buyers to sellers.

We only sell new, unused electronic components in the original packaging that are ready for assembly on your project. You will find trays, full reels, partial reels, tubes and boxes of parts on our site, often at significantly reduced prices.

There are two main reasons buyers come to XScomponents: to save money and to find parts that are becoming obsolete or scarce. 

By purchasing excess parts directly from another business, you avoid the huge markups associated with traditional electronic distributors. The components sold on XScomponents are overstock parts that vendors originally ordered from electronic distributors and no longer need.  We encourage vendors to verify the authenticity and quality of their parts by including a copy of the original purchase invoice and photos of OEM labels with each posting.  

And by purchasing excess stock that would otherwise sit on a shelf or get chucked in a dumpster, you are saving your bottom line and the Earth.

No business wants to sit on unused parts taking up valuable warehouse space and increasing operational costs. 

Sometimes a project gets canceled or a part gets designed out of a product after the component has already been purchased. Many distributors sell you parts with a NCNR (non-cancelable, non-returnable) policy. In other words, you send that PO, you are stuck with those parts. And while there are many reasons businesses end up with extra, unused inventory, there is really only one reason to get rid of it: to recoup that financial loss.

Counterfeit parts are bad. We encourage our vendors to make their best attempt at proving the authenticity of their inventory by providing evidence such as photos of OEM labels, invoices, etc. It is up to the vendor to prove to the buyer that what they are selling is, in fact, genuine. After purchasing components, the buyer has 5 days to review and validate the part.

  1. A vendor posts their excess inventory to XScomponents.com at no cost. 
  2. After a potential buyer sees a part that they are interested in, they can either request more information directly through the site or simply purchase the parts like any other online purchase. 
  3. A payment is sent to XScomponents
  4. The vendor ships the components to the buyer. 
  5. Payment is sent to the vendor after the buyer accepts the parts or 5 days after delivery has passed. A small selling fee is subtracted from the payment to the vendor.

In order to maintain high-quality inventory, we are limiting vendors to established businesses in the United States and Canada. Our application process is quick and simple.

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