Manufacturer: Fuji Ceramics Corporation

The ultra-sensitive air pressure sensor captures the adiabatic compression and temperature change of air. For example, into a cylinder made of walls (adiabatic wall) impervious to heat, to sealing the gas. And, by moving the piston, the gas will be compressed or distended. At this time, the compression, is giving work from the outside to a gas. The internal energy is increased and the temperature of the gas will rise. In the distension, the gas is work to the outside. Its internal energy of the gas is reduced, the temperature of the gas will go down. For example, in the opening and closing of the door of the sealed room, it happen temperature changes due to adiabatic compression or adiabatic distension. This temperature change will be detected as a change in pressure.

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Feature ▪Ultra-sensitive air pressure sensor, it can capture generally a very small pressure changes in the air or gas, which has not been able to detect with high sensitivity. Also, in the same sensor, it can capture the large pressure changes of 100 kPa. ▪Compared to conventional diaphragm type, it is a high sensitivity at low prices. Since the sensing element is a ceramic, it does not break even in excessive pressure. ▪Has a FET built-in to sensor, for impedance transformation. Therefore, the outputs signal can be taken out by the voltage outputs. Applications ▪The ultra-sensitive air pressure sensor can be used as a transformation sensor of ultra-low pressure (1 Pa). ▪It can be used as an opening and closing timing sensor of the doors and windows of the sealed room. ▪It cans also response as a sensitive pressure change sensor. ▪Home equipments, security equipments, can also be used as an industrial equipments and other air switch.

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