Now offering OFFERings

Last we checked, the semiconductor shortage isn’t going away anytime soon.  Component shortages have created a seller’s market, but it can be difficult to determine the optimal price for electronic parts in today’s volatile market.  XScomponents has addressed this problem by allowing buyers to make an offer on components posted through the Marketplace.  Our goal is to increase the accessibility of electronic components while decreasing the length of time it takes to sell them.

In order to allow buyers to make an offer on your components, simply check the “Enable Offers” button on your product edit page for each part you would like to receive offers for.  You can access this option through the Vendor Dashboard.  Each offer is listed on the part posting for other interested buyers until the offer is accepted, rejected or expires.  Sellers are free to accept, reject or counteroffer a buyer’s offer.  

We anticipate a lot of sellers will appreciate the flexibility of this new offer feature and the opportunity to negotiate with potential buyers.  It’s a great way to ensure competitive component pricing without constantly checking out the competition.  We know you have a lot better things to do.